The best way of protecting lives and property.


when the fire breaks out, it is too late to think about how you could prevent it. The only right thing to do is, to be prepared all the time. And it is important how you are prepared. The hardest battles are exactly the ones fought against the fire, so it is necessary to invest into fire extinguishing systems, that will activate at the right place and at the right time. We are proud and glad to present to you fire extinguishing systems Bonpet.


Bonpet – unique fire extinguishing liquid, environment and human friendly.

Bonpet liquid is known for its great effect on fire extinguishing with ver y little liquid and its unique property, which takes away the energy of the fire, and lowers the temperature in the area. Today, after fourteen years of operating not only domestically, but also in foreign markets, Bonpet courageously “lives” in many homes and companies. Slowly, but persistently, piece by piece, we are building the mosaic of success.


With Bonpet you will be stronger against the fire than ever before.

Bonpet fire extinguishing ampoule and fixed Bonpet fire extinguishing system are fire extinguishing products, which are self-activated. When you install them into your premises, they become a part of your collective and constantly, 24 hours a day, check if a fire breaks out. The great and innovative idea brought safety into working and personal spaces. Many costumers already talk about, how the devices saved their lives and belongings. Our greatest motivation for constant development of new products is exactly your contentment. We try our best to exceed your expectations and to include your needs and wishes for safer living.


We assure reliability with strict measures in the production process.

Only the highest expectations are those, which assure us the perfect reliability of our products, which is proven by the acquired certificate ISO 9001:2008, released by Bureau Veritas. The fact that all our devices and systems had turned on and extinguished the threats when it was necessary, also speaks on our behalf.


Bonpet liquid has adopted many shapes.

Your needs are guiding us into a development of new products, which all have in common our unique Bonpet liquid. That is how all our products have been made: automatic fire extinguishing ampoule, fire extinguishing spray, fixed fire-safety system, fire extinguisher, grenade, fire extinguishing trailer and mini fire extinguishing system. Your problems or your restrictions while extinguishing a fire, are our challenge, to develop and improve our existing and newly created fire extinguishing products.


With us you are safe against the fire!


Matej Škerbič






The best way of protecting lives and property
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